Why I am blogging......

I started this blog to up-date others on the day-to-day events of our family. As the children grew older, and I grew wiser, I realized I wanted to change my direction, and the children wanted to be ommitted from the blog completely. I hope to still manage to include them from time to time but perhaps just through pictures. I am searching for my niche, and way to help lighten the load of others and perhaps lead others to my savior, Jesus Christ. I am focusing on "What really matters" and hopefully, I can help others in some small productive way. While I am changing gears, I will still be throwing in random thoughts, recipes and etc. I am glad you stopped by and bear with me, as I begin to grow and span my wings and fly in a new direction!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday night, stormy night, ahhhhhh rain

After work today I had BIG plans.  My mind raced all day @ work about all the stuff I wanted to get done, or needed to do.  Well, I made the mistake of sitting down telling myself it would be only for a little while.  Well, I did manage to give the dog a bath and do some laundry..but that is it.  Oh well, I have enjoyed watching the sky light up, and hearing the rain and thunder.  Something about storms make me think of when I was a little girl.  I use to love to go to my grandmother's house and play.  I thought of that and her tonight.  She was a pretty lady, and so funny.  I love you Nun Nun's.  I also remember going to my Pape Garrison's house and playing in the barn and @ this time of the year picking the BEST grapes from his vines in the garden.  I can still hear him calling the pigs....good memories.  Everyone have a good weekend...do something you enjoy and take the time to take it ALL in.  love and peace to all :)

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