Why I am blogging......

I started this blog to up-date others on the day-to-day events of our family. As the children grew older, and I grew wiser, I realized I wanted to change my direction, and the children wanted to be ommitted from the blog completely. I hope to still manage to include them from time to time but perhaps just through pictures. I am searching for my niche, and way to help lighten the load of others and perhaps lead others to my savior, Jesus Christ. I am focusing on "What really matters" and hopefully, I can help others in some small productive way. While I am changing gears, I will still be throwing in random thoughts, recipes and etc. I am glad you stopped by and bear with me, as I begin to grow and span my wings and fly in a new direction!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Monday, December 12, 2011

I have not forgotten...

It seems as though I am in the work rut!  I get up in the mornings and do the same things the same way I did them the day before.  I am like most, just going through the motions, however, I am aware that God is in control and loves me more than I can even comprehend.  I don't deserve His grace and mercy, but that is just it...grace, love and His mercy.  Thank you for loving even me God.

If you need a suggestion on what to read, I just finished Heaven is for Real and I recommend everyone to read it.  It is inspiring and a good short read.

The hustle of the holidays are over-whelming to me.  I am keeping it simple and focusing on love and time together.  Less stress and peacefulness is desired at our house.  In keeping with the holidays Merry Christmas from our house to yours.  HE is the reason for the season and HE is worthy!

love and peace to all

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lazy, Hazy Hot Days of August

Every year around this time I begin to long for cooler weather.  I enjoy the warm days, but after working in a cool office I tend to not want to go outside until the sun goes down.  Our flowers are beginning to look tired and the garden is gone so it is time to look toward Autumn.  We enjoy  fires and hayrides and being outside just as much but in a different way.  I look forward to seeing God's work with the trees and the changing of their leaves, fall decorations, comfort food and of course family.  I have thought about this a lot the past couple of weeks, it has been said, "we don't know what the future holds, but we know Who holds the future".  It is comforting to know that God takes care of my every need.  He knows my needs before I know them.  He has always taken care of me and my family and he loves me more than I love my family.  Wow, what an awesome God, and what a blessing.  love and peace-- 56. changing of seasons 57.  the blessing of eye-sight  58.  heart-felt talks 59.  understanding 60.  room to spread wings 61.  letting go

Thursday, August 18, 2011

In a Valley or on a Hill...

When life is easy I become lazy, I guess lazy is the word I need to use, not necessarily physically lazy, but spiritually lazy.  Although I KNOW HE is in control, I often speak with others about this--, I like from HIM to steer while there are blue skies and rainbows, but when the "road" get filled with pot-holes, or needs re-surfacing, and the sky becomes cloudy and stormy, I grab the steering wheel back and my OCD kicks in and  I think I can handle "it" KNOWING I can't be anything or do anything without HIM.  I think I should learn my lesson but it always happens.  GRACE-God's Riches At Christ's Expense. Unworthy yes, stumble daily check, sinner, that's me, guilty check check, forgiven AMEN.  I am continuing by 1000 gifts list...51.  Surprises 52.  favorite time of the day -varies season to season in actual time, but it is always dusk, 53.  school supply lists 54.  breakfast 55.  my parents smiles  -love and peace to all

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weary but thankful

It has been a long day, though I have peace in my heart and soul.  I have been blessed so much more than I can ever thank HIM for-46-50....the kids talking with each other,friends on the phone,the sweet red-bird outside my window, the ease of conversation with a ole friend,the sound of home knowing God is in control.
love and peace to all.

Monday, August 15, 2011


All of my life I can remember hearing and singing a hymn....Count your blessings...name them one by one..count your blessings see what God hath done.... but, until I actually began writing them down, and thought about my blessings, or gifts, I  really had no ideal how blessed I really am.  Because of the Great I AM....i am:)The picture I chose for this post is just one of my gifts.  I sit here often and admire God's work and talk with Him and offer my lame thank yous.  I don't mean half-hearted  thank yous, but I don't feel like I can ever adequately  thank HIM enough for HIS son, HIS awesomeness, HIS grace.  But I do in my own way offer thanksgiving to HIM and HE knows my heart and knows me better than I do and get this, HE still loves me.  What a blessing!  It is not what I can do or what I have done, it is ALL HIM and his precious grace.  Thank God HIS grace reaches me.  Continuing counting my gifts and offering eucharisteo...41.  my creaky porch swing 42.  the hummingbirds that visit our hibuscus 43.  the hum of a fan 44.  burnt hot dogs 45.  helping hands in the kitchen
Love and peace all :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Super Duper

We have had a nice weekend, breakfast with the kids + boo yesterday, then we were off to my nephew's wedding.  It was the sweetest wedding I have attended.  Today, up early off to church then to Walmart (yuck) then the afternoon on the back porch.  I will post pics soon of our "projects".  I hope you have a wonderful week and have enjoyed your weekend as much as we have.  Love and peace. Contining naming my gifts. ...35-40 the feeling of being loved, talks with old friends who really understand, giggling with Mom, my Dad singing, Nick's unconditional love