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I started this blog to up-date others on the day-to-day events of our family. As the children grew older, and I grew wiser, I realized I wanted to change my direction, and the children wanted to be ommitted from the blog completely. I hope to still manage to include them from time to time but perhaps just through pictures. I am searching for my niche, and way to help lighten the load of others and perhaps lead others to my savior, Jesus Christ. I am focusing on "What really matters" and hopefully, I can help others in some small productive way. While I am changing gears, I will still be throwing in random thoughts, recipes and etc. I am glad you stopped by and bear with me, as I begin to grow and span my wings and fly in a new direction!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend update and other ramblings

Kallie and her Dad enjoying each other!!!

We had a GREAT weekend. We got up sort-of early Saturday and headed straight down to one of our spots. Whew-it was too hot for anything else.:)))) We grilled hotdogs and watch Evan, Kallie and friends wake-board. My mind wants to try but my body and that little voice inside says you had better not, so I listen. Knowing to listen to yourself comes with age, I think. There have been many times I heard the voice but didn't listen and regretted it so badly.

Sunday the whole gang headed back to the lake. We had a blast--met up with Joe, Donna, TJ and Emma. Those kids are so cute. They had came to our rescue earlier in the day. On our way toward Smithville we stopped in Dibrell thinking we had a flat tire on the trailer. After examining it (all the men in the truck) literally got out and touched it, they decided it was ok. Not!!!!!!We got to Whorton Springs and it was shredding as we drove. So we pulled over and had everything we needed, Except the right tool to remove the spare tire!!!! We drove my truck instead of Mark's and I am not as prepared for emergencies as Big Daddy is!!! So Mark was NOT happy at all, and no body was stopping to help until Joe and family came by. They had a handy dandy tool kit and we was ready to go in no time. Of course this is the ONLY time I did not wear my cover-up and I was on the side of the road in my swimsuit. I think that may have been the reason people were not stopping!!! Lesson learned, always wear clothes. I had my extra dry clothes in the boat but, well, I could not get them from where I was. EMBARRASSING!!! Mark later told me he was disappointed that no one stopped to help us especially since I was there in all my glory, I told him it took an older man to appreciate the finer things in life and that is why Joe stopped!!! TEEEEEEEEHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Last week was a bit stressful. We took my Mom to the ER Saturday night and Monday she was transported via Ambulance to St. Thomas for an arteriogram on Tuesday. The great news is her heart is good no blockages or heart problems.:))))) Then on Wednesday Harris ( Mark's Dad) had the same test in Murfreesboro and great news again. No heart problems. :))))))))))))) So, by the time the weekend got here, we were READy for so time away and to relax.

I hope each of you got a chance to relax and enjoy whatever it is that brings you happiness. Love the ones you are with ------love and peace to all

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