Why I am blogging......

I started this blog to up-date others on the day-to-day events of our family. As the children grew older, and I grew wiser, I realized I wanted to change my direction, and the children wanted to be ommitted from the blog completely. I hope to still manage to include them from time to time but perhaps just through pictures. I am searching for my niche, and way to help lighten the load of others and perhaps lead others to my savior, Jesus Christ. I am focusing on "What really matters" and hopefully, I can help others in some small productive way. While I am changing gears, I will still be throwing in random thoughts, recipes and etc. I am glad you stopped by and bear with me, as I begin to grow and span my wings and fly in a new direction!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Family Time at Fall Creek Falls

We went on our almost annual trip to Fall Creek Falls today. I love to go at this time of the year and see all the colors of fall. However, as everyone knows kids do not like to do what the parents want to do, but this year my family decided to go. We had a great time doing the usual; looking at the falls, driving the scenic route, and going to Buzzard's Roost. We love the view from there, and if you have not been there go---it is the best place in the park. You can actully hear the wind blowing in the trees and see for miles and miles. Our family friend, Rachel Walker went with us one time and declared it to be the location of her wedding. So each year we laugh and think of Rachel and wonder if we will be able to wear our hiking shoes or we will have to wear heels to her wedding. This year Evan (Kallie's friend) came along for the fun. We grilled burgers and dogs and had a great time. I know the kids down deep love this almost annual trip as much as I do.

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